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Nido (Infants)

AGE: 6 weeks -16/18 months

​The Nido, meaning nest in Italian, is a thoughtfully prepared Montessori environment for children that are 8 weeks old until they are walking well. A Nido is an environment that, much like home, is warm, loving, and comforting. Here the child gets the care he needs while developing his movement, eye-hand coordination, language, and fine motor skills. The classroom includes areas for eating, movement, resting, and work.

Young Children's Community

AGE:16/18 months- 3 years

The Toddler Community is a carefully prepared environment for the child that has mastered walking and is ready to do work with his hands. The Prepared Environment includes areas for:

*Practical Life (activities for care of self, care of others, and care of the environment)
*Language Development 
*Psycho-sensory Motor Development
*Materials to promote critical and logical thinking
*Grace and Courtesy
*Art and Music

*Food Preparation

*Areas for indoor Gross Motor Activity 
*Outdoor Activities for development and refinement of gross motor skills

*Art and Music

*Activities to promote critical and logical thinking

* Grace and Courtesy

Tuition includes breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack for all children (including children with dietary restrictions and allergies). We offer a 10% sibling discount.

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